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  • Candlelight Cinema Inspirational Film Screenings December 2016 Events:

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    Come join us for this very special event

    This one will be awesome with our lovely friends at RIGPA. Come join the contemplative action : )

    Colet House and Candlelight Cinema Host this first in an ongoing series of inspiring film events

    Colet House and Candlelight Cinema Host this first in an ongoing series of inspiring film events

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  • Currently Showing:

    Finding Joe

    A group of contemporary spiritual teachers pay tribute to Joseph Campbell. £16.99

    Currently Showing:

    Occupy Love

    About the revolution of love. Love in action. It asks can revolution be spiritual and does spirituality help revolution? Hopefully this film will encourage a peaceful revolution in all of us. £14.99

    Currently Showing:

    The Fairy Trail

    Wonderful documentary celebrating the natural world, full of beautiful images of lush plant life and pure natural abundance. How do we relate to elementals, fairies and other nature spirits just like the shamans used to? Watch to find out. £14.99

    Currently Showing:

    Walking the Camino

    Walking the Camino is an up-close look at one of humanity’s most time-honored traditions. By following pilgrims from all walks of life as they attempt to cross an entire country on foot with only a backpack, a pair of boots and an open mind, we witness the Camino’s magnetic and miraculous power to change lives. Driven by an inexplicable calling and a grand sense of adventure, each pilgrim throws themselves heart-and-soul into their physical trek to Santiago and, most importantly, their personal journey to themselves.

    Runtime: 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

    Currently Showing:

    The Cure Is

    As many doctors have told us, the human body is designed to heal itself. So why are our health and life expectancy declining? This transformational film gives liberating answers to that question. It features several terminal illness patients who made a full recovery, even though the medical treatments they were given were not expected to alone do any more than give them a little more time on Earth or alleviate their pain. These stories in themselves are massively inspiring. The film also features some of the leading thinkers in the field of how the mind affects the body. £14.99

    Currently Showing:

    The Living Matrix

    Everyone is talking about this DVD, and with good reason. In it, scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners - including Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Rupert Sheldrake and Lynne McTaggart - reveal exciting new theories about how energy and information fields - not genetics - drive human physiology and biochemistry. Sharing their knowledge, experiences and insights, these researchers reveal the scientific theories behind alternative healings, offering their perspectives on how these new concepts may shift the future of healthcare. £12.99

    Currently Showing:

    Road To Peace.

    This award-winning film offers a radical vision of how we can create lasting peace within ourselves and on a global level.


    Complete with rare behind the scenes

    access and a candid personal interview, this fly-on-the-wall documentary is as close to a flesh-and-blood encounter with the Dalai Lama as you can get. As we follow His

    Holiness on the road around Britain during his last visit before stepping down as the exiled Political Leader of Tibet, the film offers an intimate portrait of the man behind the

    myth with his remarkable warmth, integrity, humility and playful sense of humour. 1hr 4mins, DVD, RRP £12.99 ❖ Code: D260320 Candlelight price: £10.99

    Currently Showing:

    One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das

    In 1970, Jeffrey Kagel walked away from the American dream of rock ’n’ roll stardom— turning down the lead singer slot in the band that would become Blue Oyster Cult. He sold all his possessions and moved from the suburbs of New York to the foothills of

    the Himalayas in search of happiness and a little-known saint named Neem Karoli Baba (or Maharajji). It follows his return, his struggles with depression and drug abuse,

    and his eventual emergence as Krishna Das—the world-renowned spiritual teacher, chant master and Grammy-nominated recording artist.

    1hr 12mins, DVD, RRP £16.99

    ❖ Code: D260321 Candlelight price: £14.99

  • We're Building An Amazing International Network of 1,000 Independent Film Screening Members!

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    Candlelight Cinema encourages you to watch and share amazing films at home and in your community. In pubs, cafes, schools and dinner parties- cooking a meal for your family and friends while watching inspiring films it's an amazing way to share, connect and be part of something special.


    There are many inspiring films produced each year that we never get to hear about because they don't make it onto TV or the supermarket shelves. We aim to change all that and create a network of 1000 incredible people sharing these amazing films in small and large groups as a way of inspiring each other about what's going on in the the world and our human potential.


    By bringing together some of the world's finest films and positive projects we enable you to enjoy enlightening and entertaining moments together and to bring through the energy of inspiration and aliveness at the heart of your community.

    Candlelight Cinema intends to bring you the world's best social, environmental and life changing films delivered to move your hearts and minds towards positive action. As part this we also plan to reinvest in even more dazzling, positive and inspirational films and projects.

    Whether you're a person who enjoys watching amazing films or if you’re inspired to share these films in a local cafe, school, pub, meditation group or you're a shop or venue with customers you’d love to inspire by offering our films, we'd LOVE to hear from you!


    We all know film is a powerful tool. Together we can use film to help create a more compassionate, sustainable and conscious world by watching and sharing them together.


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  • Films We're Supporting:

    "Tribes On The Edge", a visionary new film Award winning filmmaker Céline Cousteau!

    Award winning filmmaker Céline Cousteau (Grandaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jaques Yves Cousteau), who has been asked by the indigenous tribes in the Vale do Javari, Amazon region of Brazil to tell their story in a new film “Tribes on the Edge.” The Vale do Javari indigenous territory in the Brazilian Amazon is home to the largest number of uncontacted tribes living in isolation. The tribes in the region are being pushed to the edge by the rapacious demands of the Brazilian government and they hope this film will help raise much needed awareness and support of their plight. As getting a mainstream broadcaster to commission a film with the tribe’s message is very difficult and their need is urgent we’re holding these unique and inspiring Candlelight Cinema film gatherings and to help raise funds in order to help the tribes speak out. So get in touch and let's make this happen!